Cannon's Forge Beds for Vans


“Highly recommend Dave and Cannon’s Forge to anyone…”

Just picked up my rock ‘n’ roll bed today, and it’s the nuts! Dave adapted the standard one for me so I can get a mountain bike behind it. He even made up a bracket so I can put up a partition board behind the seat to keep the bike off the clean side. Excellent product, very, very, very excellent service, even a brew on arrival! Highly recommend Dave and Cannon's Forge to anyone looking for a rock ‘n’ roll bed. Cheers Mark – T5

“I had thought about fitting it myself, but watching these boys fit it so expertly I’m very glad I made the trip up to them…”

I need to add my two penneth to Dave's huge positive feedback list. Uhmed and ahhed for ages about how to construct a sleeping platform or where to get a bed from based on cost vs what you got. Called Dave up with a load of questions, answered dutifully, dug into the piggy and a few days later hoofed it up to Worksop and 40 mins later left again with 3/4 rock ‘n’ roll bed fitted. Customer service was bang on, (over and above actually) and I'm glad we chose the Cannon’s Forge Route. The bed is peachy and solidly made. I had thought about fitting it myself, but watching these boys fit it so expertly I'm very glad I made the trip up to them. Cheers. – CF

“… the finish and standard of work are top-drawer.”

Just a note to say thanks to Dave and his team at Cannon’s Forge for giving me exactly what I wanted: a high-quality rock ‘n’ roll bed - the finish and standard of work are top-drawer. Dave spent a great deal of time making the bespoke bed to a custom size and was a pleasure to deal with throughout. Dave always had time for me on the phone when I had a question and it's great to know that excellent customer service still exists in some places. Should anybody ask, I'd certainly recommend they talk to Cannon’s Forge – they'll get a superb bit of kit that'll outlast their van! Best wishes for the future – I'll definitely be back at some point when I'm ready to convert another van. – Craig

“I must say that the bed exceeds all expectations in quality and finishing.”

A big thank you to Dave (and Wayne) at Cannon's Forge for the 3/4 rock ‘n’ roll bed, which they have just fitted. Dave adjusted the bed to my personal requirements, making it narrower to allow for my furniture preferences. Was very helpful on the phone. Made an impressive journey to fit the bed all the way down to Cornwall and had the bed installed by 10:30 in the morning (the time he had arranged), taking only about 10 minutes to fit it. He also gave a detailed demonstration of the bed; I must say that the bed exceeds all my expectations in quality and finishing. The bed is very well constructed with a really smooth mechanism, lovely matching head rests, seatbelts, and extremely comfortable memory foam. Great care was also made with the Inca seat covering. To say I am pleased and impressed is an understatement. I really cannot recommend Cannon's Forge enough. Compared to other products I have seen, the quality for price stands head and shoulders above the rest. I am a very happy customer – now roll on some hot weather! – Mark

Dave Cannon’s bed is outstanding and worth probably a lot more than he charges…”

Just like to say thanks to Dave and his team for pulling out the stops for me and fitting one of his rock ‘n’ roll beds to my van at very short notice. Now there's plenty of excellent feedback here already and I can only add to this, but I would like to point out this: now I've been in the ‘scene’ (that's a word) for a good part of my life. I've seen the quality of stuff available for dubs plummet as the need for a bigger mark-up on parts and Chinese rubbish or copies flood the market. I'd rather pay more and get something decent – thanks very much. Dave Cannon’s bed is outstanding and worth probably a lot more than he charges... particularly if you cost-in the fitting! It goes to prove there is quality stuff out there, and there are good guys still providing an excellent product and service, unlike some big mail order companies I can think of (that’s my experience). ‘Made in Great Britain’ – yep, there is still some great stuff made here right at home, and need to look no further than Cannon’s Forge for some of it; enough said.

“A brilliant product, and a down-to-earth, top bloke to go with it…”

Just like to say a big thanks to Dave for building and fitting one of his brilliant rock ‘n’ roll beds to my much-loved T4. I went for top-of-the-range full-width bed in my kombi van. What’s best is, it still allows me to keep my middle row of quick-release seats in place, and keeps the originality of the van. A brilliant product, and a down-to-earth, top bloke to go with it – we’re well happy. – Richie

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